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AFTAB FERTILIZERS & CHEMICALS LTD established it’s most modern and prestigious NPKS (N, P205, K20, S) plant at Rupshi, Naraynganj in 2001 with production capacity of 45,000 MT of granulated NPKS mixed fertilizers per annum. This is the first and only modern plant in Bangladesh. Now it is producing and marketing two types of NPKS mixed fertilizers with brand name AFTAB NPKS MIXED FERTILIZERS {Grade (8-20-14-5) for rice, winter crops and vegetables (12-15-20-6)}.  AFTAB NPKS MIXED FERTILIZERS is widely accepted by the farmers as best quality balanced fertilizer.

To meet specific need of crops during its growth stage, enhance qualitative and quantitative output, ease of application to farmers and above all, preserve the soil for future generation. AFTAB NPKS MIXED FERTILIZERS is the latest and advanced chemical fertilizer to meet the challenges of the era.
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